140 Cr Indians are living in ‘Anyay Kaal’ imposed by BJP’s misrule: Cong

New Delhi, Jan 28 (UNI) Terming the NDA government’s slogan of ‘Viksit Bharat’ as hollow, the Congress said on Sunday that 140 crore Indians are living in Anyay Kaal, imposed by the BJP’s misrule.

Briefing the media here at the AICC headquarters, Congress leader Pawan Khera said that in the next few days, the Modi government will present its final budget. The entire government machinery is being used to propagate a hollow slogan of ‘Vikisit Bharat’—and this budget would just be an extension of this shiny, glitzy, extravagant picture of India—where the finance minister would read out paragraphs and paragraphs of praise for Pradhan Mantri ji, laced with a lot of superficial claims.

He said the National Skill Development Cooperation (NSDC) advertised 10,000 jobs in Israel, which is at war right now, and thousands of people from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have applied for this job—most of them graduates.

“Why would any person want to go to a country engaged in war and become a laborer? The answer is that their average monthly income is just ₹10,000, while Israel is offering almost 13–14 times that salary,” Khera said.

He said in the past 5 years, under the Modi government, the growth rate of real rural wages has become negative for both agriculture (-0.6 percent) and non-agriculture (-1.4 percent), which means there is widespread rural distress.

Compare this with the spectacular growth during UPA-2 (2009-10 to 2013-14), with real agriculture and non-agriculture rural wages growing at 8.6 percent and 6.9 percent per annum, respectively, he added.

Even as the Modi government is busy toppling elected governments from behind, the economic crisis remains precarious. This shows their priorities, Khera said.

The Congress leader said that the party will present a positive agenda for NYAY, about which Rahul Gandhi has spoken during the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.

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