YSRCP government plunged in corruption: Modi

Rajahmundry, May 6 (UNI) Alleging that the Jagan Mohan Reddy-headed Andhra Pradesh government has plunged into corruption, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out that the YSR Congress has the opportunity for a full five years but they wasted these five years and pushed Andhra Pradesh behind in development.

Addressing an election meeting at Vemagiri village near here on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “A new chapter in the development journey of Andhra Pradesh will begin with your vote. The NDA will certainly set records in the Lok Sabha elections as well as in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. This will be a significant step towards a developed Andhra Pradesh and a developed Bharat.”

Taking a dig at Jagan Mohan Reddy’s headed government, the Prime Minister said: “The YSRCP has come to power promising prohibition but the Andhra Pradesh government itself is involved in dealing with liquor and corruption. A large liquor syndicate is operating here. The Andhra Pradesh government is run by the sand mafia and liquor mafia.” He flayed that corruption is at its peak in the YSR Congress government, at the same time, development works are at a standstill

The Prime Minister said that the YSR Congress promised to create three capitals but they could not even deliver one capital. “These people were caught up in big loot under the guise of three capitals. But even before that, they have emptied the treasury of the government. They can only manage ‘corruption’; ‘financial management is not within the scope of YSR Congress,” Modi lambasted.

Stating that the Polavaram project is a lifeline to Andhra Pradesh, the Prime Minister lamented that the Polavaram project works have come to a halt. “The Central government has already provided Rs 15,000 crore for the Polavaram project. However, the YSR Congress government does not want it to progress further. Today, the farmers are troubled by the lack of irrigation. Farmers are not even getting a fair rate for paddy. I assure you… After June 4th, the NDA government in Andhra Pradesh will resolve all these problems,” Narendra Modi assured.

With hope and optimism, Modi looked ahead to the future of Andhra Pradesh. He maintained that, “On May 13th, you have to vote for the future of Andhra Pradesh. This time, Andhra Pradesh has Modi’s ‘guarantee’, Chandrababu Naidu’s leadership, and our trust in Pawan Kalyan as well. Our victory will form a double-engine government in Andhra Pradesh.”

The Prime Minister vehemently condemned the INDI Alliance, slamming: “Mountains of currency notes were recovered from the household help of Private Secretary to Jharkhand Minister, this is the money stolen from the public. This isn’t the first time. Before this, from a Congress MP’s place, an even bigger mountain of notes was found. There were so many notes that even machines were tired of counting them.”

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