Those doing politics of casteism & appeasement are having sleepless nights: PM

Azamgarh (UP), (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attacked the opposition parties and said the all-round development taking place in the country is giving sleepless nights to those indulging in politics of casteism and appeasement.

Addressing a public meeting after inaugurating and laying the foundation stone of 782 development projects worth Rs 34,700 crore from Azamgarh, the Prime Minister said, “No one should look at the foundation stones being laid in 2024 from the prism of elections; this is a campaign of my endless journey for development. I am running at a fast pace and making the country run at the same pace to make the country a Viksit Bharat by 2047.”

He said the immense love being received from the people and the large-scale development in the country are giving sleepless nights to the INDI alliance, which is relying on casteism, dynasty politics, and vote banks. “Purvanchal has seen the politics of casteism and appeasement for decades, and in the last 10 years, this region has also witnessed the politics of development. The people here have also seen the dangers of mafia rule and fanaticism, and now the people here are also seeing the rule of law,” he said.

Modi said, “Today many development projects, not only for Azamgarh but for the entire country, are being launched from here. Azamgarh, which was counted among the backward areas of the country, is today writing a new chapter of development for the country. Today, projects worth about Rs 34,000 crore have been inaugurated, and foundation stones have been laid in many states from Azamgarh.”

He said today farmers are being given the Minimum Support Price (MSP), which has increased many times more than before. “The remunerative price for sugarcane farmers has also been increased by eight percent this year. Now the remunerative price of sugarcane has increased from Rs 315 to Rs 340 per quintal,” he said.

Without taking the name of the Samajwadi Party (SP), the Prime Minister said, “You people remember how those running the government in Uttar Pradesh had made the sugarcane farmers cry. Their money was either given after much delay or was not given at all. It was the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that ensured the payment of the dues of sugarcane farmers worth thousands of crores of rupees. Today, sugarcane farmers are getting the price of sugarcane at the right time.”

He said, “Dynastic politicians are continuously abusing Modi. These people are saying that Modi does not have his own family. These people forget that Modi’s family has 140 crore people in the country. That is why the public is saying, ‘Main Hoon Modi ka Parivaar’.”

Modi said that as Uttar Pradesh is touching the heights of development, the poison of appeasement is also getting diluted. “In the last elections, the people of Azamgarh also showed that the places that the dynastic politicians considered their strongholds have also collapsed,” he said.

He said today that Uttar Pradesh is being recognized as a bastion of development. “This is happening due to the record amount of investment coming into Uttar Pradesh. Groundbreaking ceremonies are taking place.

It is accessible through a network of expressways and highways. In the past years, the double-engine government has done development works worth lakhs of crores of rupees in Uttar Pradesh. This has not only changed the infrastructure of Uttar Pradesh but has also created lakhs of new opportunities for the youth,” he said.

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