State experiencing mixed weather conditions

Bhopal: Various regions of the state are currently experiencing diverse weather conditions. Bhopal is encountering cold nights, with temperatures around 6 degrees Celsius, while Indore maintains a milder range at 16-17 degrees Celsius. On the inaugural day of the New Year 2024, fog blanketed most districts in the morning. Anticipated is a light drizzle in isolated areas of the eastern part of the state, including Jabalpur, Sagar, and Rewa divisions.

Gwalior, Chambal, Rewa, and Sagar divisions observed a decline in daytime temperatures. The state is expected to have cloudy and drizzly weather until January 4, accompanied by cold winds that might contribute to a further temperature drop.

The western disturbance commenced its activity in the state on the night of December 29, leading to noticeable weather changes on December 30 and 31. Khajuraho experienced the lowest temperatures on Sunday, with a daytime maximum of 12.6 degrees and a nighttime minimum of 9.0 degrees Celsius. Monday saw maximum temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius in Khajuraho, Naugaon, Shivpuri, Satna, and Tikamgarh. Specifically, Khajuraho recorded 14.6 degrees, Naugaon 16.8 degrees, Shivpuri 17.2 degrees, Satna 17.2 degrees, and Tikamgarh 18 degrees. Rewa, Guna, Malajkhand, Pachmarhi, and Damoh also maintained a cold climate.

Previously, Gwalior-Chambal division and surrounding areas experienced dense fog, causing visibility to drop below 50 meters in many locations, creating challenges for drivers. Bhopal recorded a maximum daytime temperature of 28.2 degrees, Indore 29 degrees, Jabalpur 25.7 degrees, and Ujjain 28.5 degrees Celsius. Narmadapuram registered the highest temperature in the state at 29.9 degrees Celsius.

Moderate to dense fog is expected, with visibility ranging from 50 to 500 meters in Gwalior and Sagar divisions, as well as Datia, Bhind, Morena, Sidhi, Rewa, Mauganj, Satna, and Mandla districts.

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