Shah slams Naveen for allowing Tamil babu to run Odisha Govt

Chandbali/Korei/Nimapara (Odisha), May 28 (UNI) Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday slammed Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for allowing a Tamil babu to run the government in the state.

Addressing election meetings at Chandbali, Korei and Nimapara, coming under three Lok Sabha seats going to polls on June 1, Shah held Naveen Patnaik responsible for the poverty of Odisha despite the state being rich in natural resources.

He asked the people, “ Who should run the government in Odisha? Whether by an elected leader or any Tamil babu, targeting the bureaucrat-turned- politician V K Pandian,the most trusted man of Naveen Patnaik. ”

The Union Home Minister said the BJP will not allow a Tamil babu to run the government from behind in the state while accusing Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik of imposing a Tamil babu to run the administration in the state.

Shah asked the gatherings whether they will allow the Chief Minister of Odisha to be an Odia or a Tamil ?

The Union Minister asked whether Naveen Babu has ever been seen talking in Odia with anybody during his 25 years of rule.

The Chief Minister, he alleged, had mortgaged the state where everything be it mining or any contract work are being done by people from Tamilnadu.

He said it would have been better Naveen babu should have contested from Tamilnadu.

Shah said on June 4, Naveen Patnaik will become a former Chief Minister and asserted that this time an educated Odia youth who can speak, read and write Odia, understands the pride and culture of Odia and a devotee of Lord Jagannath, will be the BJP Chief Minister in the state.

Shah also came down heavily on Naveen Patnaik for playing with the emotion of the devotees of Lord Jagannath and disrespecting the Jagannath temple.

He said, “ I want to ask Naveen Babu whether the four gates of the Sri Jagannath temple will be opened for the devotees or not ? Why the probe commission report on the missing keys of Ratna Bhandar of Sri Jagannath temple has not been made public so far and “ whom do he( Naveen) wants to protect. ”

Shah further said Naveen Patnaik should also clarify to the people of the state where is the original key of the Ratna Bhandar of Jagannath temple and why a duplicate key has been made.

The Jagannath temple, he said, should be allowed to function as per the age-old tradition and announced that if BJP voted to power, the Probe commission report on the missing keys of ratna Bhandar will be made public within a month.

Shah said while Modi ji is providing free rice to the people ,Naveen is providing only empty bags and dubbed his government as an “empty bag sarkar”.

At the Chandbali meeting, Shah promised that the demands of a medical college in Bhadrak will be fulfilled within four months of forming government , an autonomous university status will be accorded to Bhadrak college and a Textile park will be set up in Bhadrak.

Urging the people to vote for BJP to form the government in the state to check the infiltrators, Shah said neither a Tamil babu nor Naveen Patnaik will check the infiltrators who had already entered Odisha.

He said Narendra Modi has already crossed 310 by the end of fifth phase of election and will cross 400 after the seventh phase of election. A double engine government will be definitely formed in Odisha and on June 4 Naveen Babu will become former Chief Minister.

Shah announced that the Chit fund scamster will be punished and sent to jail within 18 months of his government assuming power in the state and the money looted by the scamsters will be returned to the poor people.

He said the BJP government will purchase paddy from farmers at Rs.3100 per quintal, and the money will be transferred to the farmer’s accounts within 48 hours.

The women in Odisha, he said, will receive cash vouchers worth Rs.50,000 for their empowerment. The BJP government will provide Rs.10,000 to fishermen, monthly assistance of Rs.3,000 to weavers and provide 1.5 lakh government jobs to the youth.

In the Korei meeting under Jajpur Lok Sabha constituency, Shah said Modi ji had provided Rs 7 lakh crore for the development of Odisha but the money has not reached the needy people and has been misappropriated by the babus who are running the government.

He said Sukinda is rich in Chromite yet the tribals in the region are suffering and the money from the District Mineral Fund is being misutilised.

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