Russia may downgrade diplomatic relations with US

Moscow, May 17 (UNI) Russia does not rule out the possibility of downgrading its diplomatic relations with the United States in certain scenarios, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday.

In an interview with TASS news agency, Ryabkov said that Russia has never taken the initiative to make such moves in its relations with the United States or other NATO countries. “However, they are quite possible, in my view, if the Western group chooses the path of escalation,” he said.

He added that this does not necessarily pertain to further support for Kiev, but could also apply to Russian assets or other economic actions.

What exactly would trigger such a situation is not a question for today, he said. “At least, I am not prepared to discuss this topic.”

“If there is a further aggravation, this will be the subject of separate analysis and decision-making at the level of political leadership,” Ryabkov said.

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