Police crack murder of nurse, friend turns out killer

Bhopal: Police have solved the mystery of the death of a nurse under suspicious circumstances in Bhopal. The friend turned out to be the murderer. During interrogation, it was revealed that the accused had called the nurse to his house to meet her. Had physical relations with her and later strangulated her to death. To hide the matter, the youth told the doctor and the police that the nurse had fallen due to dizziness, after which she died. After receiving the PM report, the police registered a case of murder and hiding evidence against the accused and arrested him.

While disclosing the case, DCP Zone Number-3 Riyaz Iqbal said that the 37-year-old woman was originally from Kerala. She lived with her 11-year-old son in Bagh Sevania area and worked as a nursing supervisor in a private hospital located at Bawadiya Kala. About five years ago, she used to work in a private hospital located in Lalghati. At that time he had become friends with the hospital’s administrator in-charge Deepak Katiyar (31). Deepak, originally a resident of Kanpur, lived in a flat located in Lalghati. Being friends, Deepak and the nurse used to visit each other’s houses.

On Wednesday afternoon the nurse reached Deepak’s flat to meet him. Late in the night at around 1.30 am, Deepak was taken to a private hospital in an unconscious state, where the doctors declared her dead after checking. After receiving information from the hospital, Deepak told the police who reached the spot that the nurse had fallen due to dizziness and later died in the hospital. Since the case was suspicious, the police got the PM examined on Friday and found out that she had been strangulated to death.

Accused tried to run away from Bhopal

When Deepak was taken into custody and interrogated, the secret was revealed. After the incident, Deepak was trying to run away from Bhopal out of fear of being caught by the police, but the police was keeping an eye on him. On Saturday, he was detained near Halalpura bus stand before leaving Bhopal. Being knowledgeable in the medical field, he kept misleading the police at first, but later he accepted the murder of the nurse. Deepak told the police that there was friendship between the two for about five years. Last year in April 2023, when he married a girl, the nurse often started arguing with him. To get rid of the nurse, he planned to get her out of the way.

Recently, Deepak’s wife and her parents had gone to their hometown Kanpur, after which Deepak was alone at home. On Wednesday afternoon, he called the nurse home and had physical relations with her. Later he tried to convince her, but the nurse was not ready to accept his words. Due to this, around eight in the night, Deepak strangled the nurse to death and kept the body in the house for about four hours. Meanwhile he cleaned the house.

When an ambulance from a private hospital was called at around 1 o’clock in the night, the doctor declared the nurse dead. After that the police was informed.


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