Person to whom ticket is to be given has been informed: Kamal Nath

  • Kamal Nath said on ticket distribution – Congress will release the list soon
  • BJP is copying us
  • Voters of state are very intelligent

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Congress State President Kamal Nath expressed his views on ticket distribution during a discussion with journalists on Sunday. He said that the list will be released soon, but indications have been given to those who we want to give tickets. He said that we know how many tickets we have to give. At the same time, on the government giving a cylinder for Rs 450, Nath said that BJP is copying us and they should keep copying. But the public is not stupid, they know that they are guests for two months.

Shivraj forgets his announcements

On CM Shivraj and BJP, Kamal Nath said that CM Shivraj has made so many announcements that he has forgotten what all he has said. Now the Bharatiya Janata Party is out of power. Today Shivraj Singh ji’s announcement machine is running at double speed. He says that he will provide employment to one member of each of his families. Will provide employment to one lakh people every 10 months.

Now he himself has forgotten what he keeps saying. Now how to mislead the public and how to fool the public, this is their last attempt.

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