Paraswada seat is famous for triangular contest

  • Results have been shocking every time
  • Along with Congress-BJP, SP and other independents also got a chance

The results of the Paraswada assembly elections in the district have been shocking every time. Since 1998 till now, the voters have chosen new faces every time. Each time a third party increases the trouble for BJP-Congress. In the last election, there was a triangular contest between BJP, Congress and SP in which BJP’s Ramkishore Kavre won by defeating Congress’s Madhu Bhagat by a margin of 9,608 votes.

Although no single party has been dominant here, caste equations have also proved to be decisive. Sometimes Janata Dal, sometimes SP, sometimes BJP and sometimes Congress have won. Not only this, the people here have also given a chance to the independent candidate.

In the last two decades, Kankar Munjare from Janata Party in 1998, tribals showed unity in 2003 and elected Darbusing Uike from Gongpa, Ramkishore Kavre from BJP in 2008, Madhu Bhagat from Congress in 2013 and Ramkishore Kavre from BJP in 2018, that is, every time. The voters have chosen a new face. In the upcoming assembly elections, the ticket of current MLA and AYUSH Minister Ramkishore Kavre from BJP is confirmed, while the name of former MLA Madhu Bhagat from Congress is being taken with preferences, while Kankar Munjare from Krantikari Samajwadi Manch is also expected to contest.

No names have emerged from other parties. Kankar Munjare was MLA from this seat thrice and MP twice.

History of previous results…

In terms of area, Paraswada is the largest seat of the district. In the elections held between 1962 and 2018, Congress was successful in winning this seat 6 times, Kankar Munjare 3 times, Umashankar Munjare 1 time, BJP 2 times and Gongpa once. BJP’s Ram Kishore Kavre had opened BJP’s account on this seat in 2008 but he had to face defeat in 2013, however in 2018 the voters of the area made him victorious again.

Caste equations remain important

Due to Hindu majority of the district, this seat has always been in special discussion, even political experts are not able to predict when the voters will make a candidate lucky. Contrary to speculations, shocking figures come to light every time. Talking about the population, more than 3 lakh people reside in this area. Among the voters, female voters are 1,09,764 and male voters are 1,12,068. 60,000 tribal votes are a big political power here. Apart from this, there are 44,000 Pawar voters, 32,000 Lodhi, 28,000 Marar, 15,000 Kalar and 42,000 other voters, who decide the fate of the leaders. Whereas minister Ramkishore Kavre comes from Marar community. Talking about possible candidates, former Congress MLA Madhu Bhagat comes from Pawar community and revolutionary leader Kankar Munjare comes from Lodhi community. It has been seen that caste equations remain important in this seat, hence all the parties while deciding their candidates, consider the people of this place. They take full care of caste equations, however, amidst this political maneuvering, many important issues are left behind. At present the political temperature has risen regarding the upcoming assembly elections. Overall, it is certain that the political contest on this seat will also be intense in 2023.

Socio-economic condition

Paraswada assembly area is considered socio-economically prosperous. This area is surrounded by forest, people are dependent on agriculture based crops like paddy, wheat, gram and oilseed pulses. In the tribal areas of the area, fairs and cultural events start with the festival of Diwali, although people have to migrate to neighboring states for employment. Whereas bamboo is found in abundance in the district and if emphasis is given to bamboo based industries then migration for employment can be stopped to a great extent.

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