Dead body of unknown youth found in pond

Bhopal: The body of an unknown youth was found floating in a pond located in Shahjahanabad area on Thursday. The body has not been identified at present. The police have registered a case and started investigating the matter.

According to the police, information was received on Thursday afternoon that a dead body of a person was lying in Landiya pond located in Mazdoor Nagar. Police reached the spot and took the body out of the water with the help of divers. Police said that no clue was found from the deceased by which he could be identified. The age of the deceased is between 30-35 years. The police have established a trail and are sending the body to the PM and are making efforts to identify it. The deceased was seen roaming in the locality for the last four-five days. The exact cause of his death will be revealed only after the PM report comes.

Married woman dies under suspicious circumstances

A married woman living in Satnami Nagar of Piplani area died under suspicious circumstances. The woman’s dead body was lying on the bed. The police say that the exact cause of death will be revealed only after the PM’s report. According to the police, 42-year-old Kumari Jangde was a housewife who lived on rent with her two children in Satnami Nagar slum. Her husband Shatruhan had left her earlier. The woman’s son does private work. Bunty told the police that on Wednesday evening he had gone out of the house for work. When he returned home around 10 pm, he saw his mother lying on the bed. Thinking that she was sleeping, he did not call his mother. But when the mother remained lying in the same position for a long time, he called out to her. But there was no movement in Kumari Jangade’s body. Bunty went closer and shook her but there was no reaction to this either. Later the people nearby informed the police. According to the police, Kumari Jangde had died. After investigating the spot, the police sent the body to the PM. It is estimated that he may have died due to illness. The matter will become clear after the

Youth attacked with knife for not giving money for liquor

In Shahjahanabad area, two miscreants beat up a young man and attacked him with a knife on his head for not paying for liquor. The young man was seriously injured in the attack. The police have registered the case and started investigating the matter. According to the information, 25 year old Sonu Rajput, living in Tilajamalpura, does painting work. At around 11 pm, he was returning home on foot with two of his friends. When he reached the intersection near the water tank located in the area, the youth named Naved and Nawab, who were in the auto, came to him and insisted on Sonu and asked him to pay five hundred rupees for drinking alcohol. When the complainant refused to give them the money, the accused beat him up, hit him on the head with a knife, threatened him and ran away. Later, on the complaint of the complainant, who reached the police station, the police registered a case against the accused and started investigating them.

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