Pak trending show ‘Kabli Pulao’ 1st time on Indian TV

New Delhi, (UNI) Kabli Pulao, a Pakistani show, is set to air on Zindagi for the first time on Indian television starting November 11, 2023.

This marks a significant milestone for Zindagi as it embraces the Honorable Bombay High Court ruling that has lifted the ban on Pakistani artists in India.

The show is an unconventional and emotionally charged series that has garnered effusive praise for its remarkable writing, direction, and profound acting.

The celebrated Pakistani writer Zafar Mairaj has artfully spun a narrative that delves into the intricacies of human emotions under the thoughtful direction of Kashif Nisar.

The 18-part series will take audiences on a heartfelt journey, starting on 11th November 2023 at 10pm, Monday to Sunday only on Zindagi DTH Services Dish TV, D2h, Tata Sky, and Airtel.

The grand simulcast of Kabli Pulao’s finale will be held on Zindagi only.

The show follows the story of Haji Mushtaq, an upright man from Lahore, and Barbeena, played by Sabeena Farooq, an Afghan girl in need.

The story revolves around how Haji (a simple bachelor who is in his 50s) crosses paths with a young girl Barbeena (in her 20s) in need seeking medical help for her ill mother.

As the protagonist spends more time with the girl, he starts seeing the world from a different perspective and finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life.

Kabli Pulao, which has crossed 100 million+ views on YouTube, stands as a beacon of progressive storytelling, inviting viewers to connect with the characters’ experience and form a bond that transcends the screen.

The maverick director behind films like Superstar & Dum Mastam and TV show Sadqay Tumhare Mohammed Ehteshamuddin, who plays the lead role of Haji Sahab, said the show brings forth the essence of love in the most unexpected and heartwarming way and showcases the power of love, the pursuit of happiness, and the blending of cultures in an inspiring narrative.

Lead actress Sabeena Farooq will be seen in a completely different and lovable character as Barbeena in Kabli Pulao.

She expressed her excitement about the show’s India release and the opportunity to be part of a project that showcases love’s ability to transform lives.

Director Kashif Nisar said Kabli Pulao is a departure from the ordinary, an exploration of love and life, combining the richness of human emotions with the allure of culinary traditions.

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