Madhya Pradesh is like a shining lamp in the culture of India – Mugdha Sinha                              

Bhopal : Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya has made a unique effort to showcase the social and cultural life of Madhya Pradesh through an exhibition in its South Regional Centre, Mysore. The above exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. Mugdha Sinha, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. On this occasion, she said that Madhya Pradesh is like a shining lamp in the culture of India, whose light has a completely different aura and effect. It is like an attractive bouquet of unity in diversity of different cultures. In Madhya Pradesh, which nature has decorated with its own hands on the altar of the nation, the rhythm of traditional dance, music and songs keeps flowing naturally among the folk groups and caste groups. Every day here comes like a festival and goes away in the form of memories adding joy to life. The huge rock peaks of this region are filled with numerous mythological tales echoing from the valleys of Vindhya-Satpura, Maikal-Kaimur and the myths of the origin and meeting of rivers like Narmada, Son, Sindh, Chambal, Betwa, Ken, Tawa Tapti etc The streams not only flood the life here but also satiate it.

In discussion with journalists, Director of the Museum, Professor Amitabh Pandey said that Madhya Pradesh has rich and varied remains of a glorious past. It includes prehistoric cave formations, historical monuments like stupa, vihara, cave temple, structural temple, mathas, forts, stepwell, mosque and cenotaphs. There are three world heritage sites named Bhimbetka, Sanchi and Khajuraho, equally important sites are a group of monuments of Gwalior, Orchha, Mandu and Amarkantak. Besides, there are a number of other historical sites like Bhojpur, Udayagiri, Ashapuri,Bateswar etc.

The state has divergent tribal communities and linguistic groups spread across these regions showcase their inherent knowledge acquired since time immemorial in both tangible and intangible forms. Their ethnic identity is defined by language, territory, cuisine, costume, fair and festivals, rites and rituals, folk lores, folk dance and music etc. The state proudly speaks about its cultural diversity through its rich weaving tradition of chanderi and maheshwari sarees to a good number of exquisite dokra art, bamboo baskets, iron craft, block prints, Gond and Bhil paintings, zardozi, stone work, paper mache, wood carving, terracotta art etc.

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