Liquor shops will remain closed on December 3

  • Ban on supply and sale of liquor from liquor warehouses
  • Orders issued due to counting day
  • District wise order issued

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The results of Madhya Pradesh assembly elections will come on Sunday, December 3. Counting day i.e. 3rd December will be a dry day in the state. District wise orders have been issued for this. Liquor shops will be completely closed for 24 hours.

This decision has been taken as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India across the state. Bhopal Collector has issued orders to declare the counting day, December 3, 2023, as a dry day for the entire day in Bhopal. According to this, a ban has been imposed on buying, selling and storage of liquor etc. on 87 liquor shops of all the seven assembly constituencies of Bhopal district. During this period, there will be a complete ban on import, export, transportation, purchase, sale and supply on all the liquor shops, civilian clubs, military wholesale canteens, retail canteens, retail outlets and other licensed centers approved for wine sale, country liquor warehouse located at Jinsi intersection and foreign liquor warehouse located in Gandhinagar located and operating within the limits of the district.

Collector Singh has instructed the Excise Department that the said order should be strictly followed and action should be taken against the violators.

Liquor shops will remain closed for 24 hours

Liquor shops in the state will remain closed for 24 hours. So that the counting of votes can happen peacefully. Many times, all party workers, including leaders’ representatives, hold liquor parties to celebrate the joy of victory and forget the sorrow of defeat. Due to this, there is a fear that the environment of the city will deteriorate. These orders are issued so that the atmosphere of the city does not get spoiled and also there is no dispute. To ensure that the counting of votes takes place in a peaceful manner in the state, a ban has been imposed on the sale of liquor.

However, no such order has been issued yet in Khandwa district. Now it remains to be seen when the order will be issued in Khandwa.

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