“ I won’t allow religion-based reservation as long as I alive “ : says PM Modi

Sangareddy (Telangana), Apr 30 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday assured that ‘ I won’t allow religion-based reservation as long as I am alive”.

Addressing a massive poll rally at Zaheerabad in the district in support of BJP candidates for Zaheerabad BB Patel and Medak Raghunandan Rao . Modi said instead of worrying about SC, ST, and OBC, Congress started robbing them of their reservation. They made a laboratory of appeasement, removing the reservation rights of OBCs and giving them to Muslims.

This unconstitutional act, reservation based on religion, goes against Dr. Baba Saheb’s sentiments, he said, the Congress party activated their dirty tricks, spreading fake videos over reservation rows across the country.

Telangana Congress and the Chief Minister (A Revanth Reddy) himself are implicated (fake video) in this. Can we expect people holding constitutional posts to behave like this, Modi question?

“In Telangana, people of the Lingayat and Maratha community have 26 castes who are demanding to be included in the BC, but the Congress does not want to include the Lingayat, Maratha, and 26 castes into the BC list, but they included Muslims in the BC list overnight,” said the Prime Minister.

Exuding confidence that he will celebrate 75 years of the Constitution on a grand scale in his third term, he urged the people of Telangana to ensure a resounding victory for him in the upcoming elections.

He reiterated his guarantee to work tirelessly day and night to fulfill the dreams of every common citizen in the country.

Modi reiterated his commitment to fighting corruption and ensuring the safety and security of all citizens.

“In the last 10 years, the country has seen how far a stable and decisive NDA government can take the country forward, he said there was a time when the world was progressing, but Congress had trapped India in the quagmire of corruption.

Making a Scathing attack on Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, Modi alleged that the money collected from industrialists and contractors in Telangana through RR Tax is being sent to Delhi, he claimed.

While referring to the blockbuster Telugu film titled ‘RRR’, he said this RRR film brought India’s name to the forefront worldwide but this RR tax is bringing shame to India. There is widespread discussion about this RR tax in Telangana.

Launching his fiery attack against the Opposition parties, Modi remarked strongly, “Congress has found a new way to loot you – inheritance tax. Under their rule, 55 percent of your lifetime earnings won’t go to your children, but to their vote bank supporters.

Beware of the dangerous intentions of both parties – BRS and Congress, he said that. BRS looted Telangana and now Congress is following the same suit. The Congress suppressed files of the Kaleshwaram scam they once promised to investigate.”

“Congress and BRS are two sides of the same corruption coin and this was evident in the Delhi liquor scam, where BRS members were involved with a party allied with Congress, ” said Modi.

When action was taken against this scam, members of this corruption racket came together in support of each other,” he added.

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