Honorarium of guest teachers doubled 

CM addresses guest teacher panchayat

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the contribution of guest teachers cannot be forgotten. He said that when there were no regular teachers, you were entrusted with the responsibility of teaching as a guest teacher. I am happy to say that the guest teachers discharged their duties with total dedication. Chief Minister Chouhan was addressing the Guest Teacher Panchayat at Lal Parade Ground.

Contract of guest teachers will now be for one year

Chouhan announced that the guest teachers would now be given honorarium on a month-wise basis. While increasing the honorarium of guest teachers, class-I will be given Rs.18,000 instead of Rs.9,000, class-II will be given Rs.14,000 instead of Rs.7,000 and class-III will be given Rs.10,000 per month instead of Rs.5,000. The contract of guest teachers will be for one year.

Will plan to regularize guest teachers

Chouhan said that reservation for guest teachers in teacher recruitment will be 50 percent instead of 25 percent. According to the Higher Education Department, guest teachers will be given 4 and maximum 20 marks every year as bonus. It will be ensured that the guest teachers receive the honorarium amount on the fixed date of the month. Also, a plan will be made to regularize guest teachers by taking eligibility test. There are total 67,910 guest teachers, 15,920 in class-I, 38,294 in class-II and 13,695 in class-III in the state.


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