Expansion of platform five of RKMP

  • Trains with 26 coaches arrive on platform no. 1 and 2

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Reconstruction work is being done at Rani Kamalapati Railway Station. As part of this, platform number five is being further expanded.

Till now, only 22 coach trains were arriving on platform five, with the increase of which trains with 24 to 26 coaches will also start stopping. The platforms are approximately 530 meters long, which will be increased to 650 meters. With this, other trains including Rajdhani Express will be able to take halt. Preparations are underway in RKMP to give halt to two Rajdhani Express including Goa-Tamil Nadu, Kerala. Under this, the length of platform numbers four and five will be increased by 120 meters. At present, both these platforms are about 530 meters long, on which a maximum train of 22 coaches can come. There is a possibility of starting Vande Bharat for Pune-Mumbai from these platforms.

Platforms one and two accommodate 26 coaches

The length of platforms two and three of RKMP station is 625 meters. Whereas the length of platform one is 700 meters. Trains with 26 coaches are given halt on these platforms. After the construction of platforms four and five, trains of 26 coaches will be able to stop on this platform also.

Railways is increasing the length of platforms number four and five at RKMP. Its work will start soon, so that a train with 26 coaches can stop at the platform.
–       Naval Agarwal,
–       ACM and spokesperson Bhopal Railway Board

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