Eid celebrated with joy and festivity in Bhopal

Muslims throng major mosques to offer Namaz; exchange greetings

Bhopal: The streets of Bhopal were adorned with joyous celebrations today as millions of residents came together to mark the auspicious occasion of Eid. The spirit of unity and brotherhood prevailed as people gathered in major mosques across the city to offer Eid Namaz.

Filled with enthusiasm and excitement, Muslims started gathering at the Taj-ul-Masajid in the state capital since early morning for prayers.

Among the prominent mosques where Eid prayers were held are the majestic Taj-ul-Masajid, the historic Moti Masjid, the sprawling Idgah, and several others. These sacred places witnessed a sea of devotees, fervently offering their prayers and seeking blessings for peace and prosperity.

Shahar Qazi Maulana Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadwi advised Muslims to give up addiction on this occasion. He said, “Addiction for gutka, Pan-Masala should be given up. We must advise the young generation on the occasion of Eid.”

The air was filled with the melodious recitation of prayers, echoing the sentiments of devotion and gratitude. Families dressed in their finest attire gathered in prayer, embracing the spirit of togetherness and harmony that defines this joyous occasion. Children in particular were full of enthusiasm.

Streets came alive with vibrant festivities

Following the prayers, the streets of Bhopal came alive with vibrant festivities as people exchanged warm greetings and visited each other’s homes. The traditional custom of sharing sweets and delicacies added to the festive cheer, with households preparing special treats, including the beloved sewaiyyan.

The city witnessed a heartwarming display of unity and compassion on this special day. As families came together to celebrate Eid, they reaffirmed the bonds of love and kinship that are at the heart of this joyous occasion.

The celebrations in Bhopal served as a reminder of the importance of solidarity and communal harmony, highlighting the rich cultural tapestry of the city. As the day drew to a close, the echoes of joyous laughter and heartfelt prayers lingered in the air, leaving behind cherished memories of a truly memorable Eid in Bhopal.

Celebrations in other cities

Eid was celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm in other cities of Madhya Pradesh also as people thronged Eidgahs and mosques to offer prayers.

People hugged and exchanged greetings with friends and family and wished for peace in the country and state.

Members of the Hindu community greeted Muslims on Eid. Thousands offered Eid prayers at a mosque in Chhoti Gwaltoli in Indore and prayed for peace and prosperity in the country. They embraced each other on the occasion.

The festival was celebrated in other parts of the state, including Gwalior, Jabalpur, Sagar, Burhanpur, and Ujjain. Strong security arrangements have been made across the state on the occasion.

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