Congress declares candidates on all seats of Malwa Nimar

  • Tickets of sitting MLAs of Badnagar and Sendhwa canceled
  • Surendra Singh Shera won as an independent in 2018 gets ticket from Burhanpur

Milind Muzumdar, Indore
Congress released its second list on Thursday night. There are 88 candidates who have found place on this. Congress has declared its candidates on all the seats of Malwa Nimar. The party has not given tickets to the sitting MLAs of Badnagar and Sendhwa. However, Surendra Singh Shera, who won the election as an independent rebel against Congress in 2018, has been fielded. JAIS founder Dr Hiralal Alava was again given the ticket from Manawar. The party has fielded three Brahmin candidates on nine seats in Indore district. One ticket had already been given to Sanjay Shukla.

In the second list, ticket has been given to Deepak Pintu Joshi from assembly constituency number 3 and Ramkishore Shukla from Mhow. Ramkishore Shukla had left BJP and joined Congress only a month ago. The party has fielded Indore-based businessman Samandar Patel, who contested the elections as an independent candidate in Javad and got 30,000 votes, against Cabinet Minister Omprakash Saklecha in Javad. Satyanarayan Patel has been given ticket again from Indore constituency number 5. Whereas, Balmukund Singh Gautam family has got the ticket from Dhar city for the fourth consecutive time. Like 2018, once again his wife Prabha Gautam is contesting from here.

There was a big discussion at the state level about the defection of Deepak Joshi, son of former Chief Minister Kailash Joshi, and Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat, who was dedicated to the party since the Jana Sangh era. Congress has given tickets to both these leaders. Deepak Joshi will contest from Khategaon Kannaud and Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat from Badnawar. BJP has declared its candidates for 37 assembly seats in this region. According to him, candidates of both the parties have been announced for 28 seats in Malwa constituency.

Malwa-Nimar had given a huge blow to BJP in the 2018 assembly elections. Congress had won 36 out of 66 seats and independents had support on two seats. In 2013, BJP had 56 seats. Congress announced 41 candidates in the first list, while BJP has 37 names. Out of the 28 seats for which candidates have been announced, a dozen seats are those on which BJP and Congress have fielded candidates in the 2018 or by-elections. Congress had won most of these seats. But the tickets of Sendhwa MLA Gyarsilal Rawat and Badnagar MLA Murali Morwal, who lagged behind in the survey, have been canceled. Rajendra Solanki has been given a ticket in Badnagar and Montu Solanki has been given a ticket in Sendhwa.

Even though former MLA Balmukund Gautam, who was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for attempt to murder, got bail from the High Court after staying the sentence, the party did not take the risk of giving him a ticket. But he was not displeased and his wife Prabha Gautam was given the ticket in his place. Gautam is close to Digvijay Singh and even when his punishment was announced, Singh supported him.

 These are the candidates for 25 seats of Malwa-Nimar
1. Pradeep Chaudhary got a chance from Dewas, Thakur Jai Singh’s ticket canceled
2. Ticket to Deepak Joshi in place of Om Patel from Khategaon.
3. Gopal Bhonsle got ticket from Bagli ST seat in place of Kamal Vaskle.
4. Sukhram Salve gets a ticket again from Harsud ST seat.
5. Ticket again to Kundan Malviya from Khandwa
6. Gendu Bai Chauhan got a ticket in place of Nepanagar ST Rajendra Patel.
7. In Burhanpur, Surendra Singh Shera who had won as an independent got the ticket in place of Ravindra Suka Mahajan.
8. Ticket to Montu Solanki in place of Sendhwa MLA Gyarsilal Rawat.
9. Ticket from Pansemal to Chandrabhaga Kirade again.
10. Dr. Hiralal Alava again made candidate from Manawar
11. Ticket from Dhar to Prabha Gautam
12. Pintu Joshi gets a chance from Indore 3, cousin Ashwin’s ticket canceled
13. Satyanarayan Patel gets another chance from Indore 5.
14. Ticket to Ramkishore Shukla instead of Antar Singh Darbar from Mhow.
15. Ticket for Chetan Premnarayan Yadav in place of Rajendra senior Raju Bhaiya from Ujjain South.
16. Ticket to Rajendra Singh Solanki in place of Badnagar MLA Murli Morwal.
17. Ticket given to Laxman Dindore in place of Ratlam Rural Thawarlal Bhuria.
18. Ratlam City Paras Sakelcha got a chance, Premlata Dave’s ticket canceled
19. Himmat Shrimal got a chance from Javra, KK Singh’s ticket was cut.
20. Parshuram Sisodia got ticket from Malhargarh seat.
21. Subhash Sojatia again got ticket from Garoth seat.
22. Ticket to Umrao Singh Gurjar in place of Satya Narayan from Neemuch.
23. Ticket given to Samandar Patel from Javad, ticket of Rajkumar Ahir canceled
24. Bhanwarsingh Shekhawat got a ticket from Badnawar.
25. Ticket again to Prabha Balmukund Gautam from Dhar.

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