Gopal Bhosale and Deepak Joshi were confident about ticket three months ago

  • Names of Sonkuch Sajjan Verma and Khategaon seat Deepak Joshi were finalized only 6 months ago
  • Digvijay Singh stamped names of Gopal Bhosale and Rajveer Singh Baghel three months ago

Sunil Yogi, Bagli/Khategaon
Congress may have released the second list of candidates late in October, but the High Command had given green signal to the potential candidates on all the seats in Dewas district. Deepak Joshi, who had come to the Congress rally three months ago, had told this. The names of Sonkuch seat Sajjan Verma and Khategaon seat Deepak Joshi were decided 6 months ago. Three months ago, Digvijay Singh ji had stamped the name of Gopal Bhosle from Bagli and Rajveer Singh Baghel from Haat Piplia. Only the seat of Dewas’s Pradeep Chaudhary has been declared on time.

On the other hand, the Bharatiya Janata Party brainstormed a lot on all the seats, the names of Ashish Sharma and Gayatri Raje Pawar also came up after a lot of brainstorming, only Sonkuch assembly seat is where BJP loses outright.

The name was announced there months ago. And considering Hatpipaliya as Scindia quota, the current winning MLA was repeated, while the most popular seat Bagli is still on hold. However, Bagli assembly seat will also be cleared today or tomorrow. One thing is true here, Bharatiya Janata Party will definitely bring change.

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