Chaos – Babu becomes superintendent in ENC office in 18 months

  • No action taken in promotion case against rules even in five years
  • Case of ENC office of PHE
  • Investigation started after complaint

Sandeep Tiwari, Bhopal
Two babus working in the ENC office of the Public Health Engineering Department located at Satpura Bhawan in the capital Bhopal were made superintendents within just 18 months, disregarding the rules, whereas as per the rule, a minimum time of five years is required for a promotion.

When the employees protested against this, an investigation was started and a committee was formed, the committee found the complaint true in its report but even after five years, no action was taken. Nor were they removed from there.

Now once again there was a complaint and another committee has been formed and investigation has been started based on the old investigation. This makes it clear that these babus are blessed by the top officials.

The special thing is that the case of illegal promotion of Govind Khotpal, Sadeep Saxena to DPC and Assistant Grade One was investigated and now Sandeep Saxena is going to retire this month and before that the process of giving him contractual appointment on the same post has started. According to the employees of ENC office, an attempt is being made to influence the investigation into the case of illegal promotion of Govind Khotpal, Sadeep Saxena to DPC and Assistant Grade One. Employees say that those against whom investigation is going on have been stuck in the ENC office for years and they have been working in the administrative branch by disregarding the rules. A complaint regarding his promotion against the rules is also pending in the Lokayukta.

Tenure of office does not exceed three years

According to government rules, the tenure of an employee on such important posts should not exceed three years. But he has been continuously posted on the same post in the same branch. Due to holding this post, he always remains in touch with senior officials of the department. Due to which, when these officers get promotion and are posted in the office of Chief Engineer, they do not take any action against Sandeep Saxena. The complainants say that he took advantage of his position and got his promotion done against the rules by colluding with the officials of the Chief Engineer’s office. Many complaints against his promotion are pending in the Ministry of the Department and the Office of the Chief Engineer. But due to his posting in the posting Branch, no action is taken on any complaint against him.

18 seniors were left out and promoted

The then ENC KK Songaria had ordered an investigation by this DPC after RTI was filed in this matter and EE Rajesh Dubey was made the investigating officer to investigate the matter. During the investigation in this case, it was found that Govind Khot Pal was given promotion leaving out 18 of his seniors and on this basis he also got promotion to Assistant Grade One. A similar case is that of Sandeep Saxena, who was an accountant and was not eligible for promotion, but the then DPC committee, keeping all the rules in mind, first made him Assistant Grade 2 and later promoted him to the post of Assistant Grade 1. The surprising thing is that this promotion happened in the same year i.e. there should be a difference of two months in becoming Assistant Grade One from Assistant Grade Two.

The matter is under investigation

A complaint has been lodged about the matter, the investigation of which is ongoing. The committee is doing its work. Some decisions will be taken after the investigation committee’s report comes. For more information you can talk to the officials of the investigation committee.
-Sanjay Kumar Andhwan, Chief Engineer, PHE

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