CAA notified to divert attention from ‘failures’ of BJP in last 10 years: Mehbooba Mufti

Srinagar, March 13 (UNI) People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday alleged that Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was notified to divert attention from the “failures” of the BJP in the last ten years.

She asked Muslims to not protest on CAA instead use their vote to respond to laws and fight legally.

“I urge the people, especially the Muslims of the country, not to fall in BJP’s trap,” Mufti said during a press conference in Srinagar .

The PDP President said CAA is only to target the Muslims of the country.

The former Chief Minister said that in the last ten years, BJP has failed on all fronts and attempts are being made to divert attention on real issues.

“When we go through the past ten years of BJP government, there are failures on unemployment front, youngsters are committing suicides due to non-availability of jobs, the condition of farmers and inflation..They are instead taking the country 1,000 years back and attempts are being made so that there will be clashes between Hindus and Muslims and make people to come on the road,” Mufti said.

“The BJP government demolished mosques and even went looking for idols in every mosque, demolished Madrasas and houses even of the people like rat-hole miner involved in Uttarkashi tunnel rescue. Similarly they are kicking Muslims during their prayers on the roadside and insulting them.

They have almost tried everything they can. But when they saw that Muslims didn’t come on the roads, they used their last ploy,” the PDP President said.

Mufti urged the Muslims not to fall in the prey and there is no need to come out on the roads.

The former Chief Minister said that senior Muslim leaders have approached the court which is encouraging.

“The court decisions have been in favour of the people over the past some time. It is time to respond through your vote so that tomorrow you can raise your voices against any law,” Mufti said.

She also urged the government to involve environmental experts before planning a railway line through villages.

“There is a need to learn from Uttarakhand where trees were cut to lay roads … Kashmir is more fragile than Uttarakhand. You should not blindly build or extend railway lines,” Mehbooba said while responding to protests in south Kashmir over the proposed takeover of land for a railway project.

“Building railway lines through Kashmir without taking into consideration its ecological impact is fraught with dire consequences. In this case the proposed railway line will necessitate the felling of apple orchards at Shopian. Request @manojsinha_ ji to involve a panel of environmental experts before taking such major decisions,” Mufti posted on X, earlier the day.

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