Ayodhya to illuminate with 10 lakh diyas on Jan 22

Ayodhya (UP), Jan 20 (UNI) Ayodhya will glow with the radiance of 10 lakh diyas (earthen lamps) in after the consecration ceremony on January 22, the evening during which Ram Jyoti will be lit at houses, shops, religious places and historic sites on the call of the double engine government.

Previously, when Lord Ram returned from exile, Diwali was celebrated in Ayodhya by lighting diyas. Now, after the completion of the consecration ceremony, Diwali will be celebrated again by lighting Ram Jyoti.

The Yogi government, which has been organising the ‘Deepotsav’ for the last seven years, will once again adorn Ayodhya with diyas on January 22, attracting the attention of the world with its divine splendour.

Since assuming power in 2017, the Yogi government has been organising Deepotsav annually. In 2017, the government adorned Ayodhya with 1.71 lakh diyas and in the 2023 Deepotsav, a new record was set with 22.23 lakh diyas.

The Tourism Department is actively preparing for this grand event. Diyas will be lit at 100 temples, major intersections, and public places, including Ram Temple, Ram Ki Paidi, Kanak Bhawan, Hanuman Garhi, Guptar Ghat, Sarayu Ghat, Lata Mangeshkar Chowk, Maniram Das Chavani, and other prominent locations.

The Yogi government has urged the entire nation to celebrate this historic occasion as a festival. Following the consecration ceremony, every citizen is encouraged to light diyas in their homes in the evening.

The government has appealed to people to illuminate not only their homes but also shops, commercial establishments (hotels, factories, plants, etc.), offices (government and private), and historical and religious sites with lamps. Through the radiance of ‘Ram Jyoti,’ the entire atmosphere will be imbued with a Lord Ram-inspired aura.

Regional Tourism Officer RP Yadav said that on the evening of January 22 diyas will be lit at 100 prominent temples and public places. The preparations for this event have been completed. In line with the government’s vision, locally crafted diyas will be used and local potters are being engaged to provide the diyas.

After the main ceremony, there will be substantial public participation, involving the community in large-scale celebrations along with the government.

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