Will strengthen road, rail and metro network: Lalwani

Sushil Tiwari, Indore
“We have developed and will develop. We are going among the public only regarding our development works. We have done development work in the city in all areas including roads, health, IT. These are in front of all the people. We will take these works further.”

This is what Indore BJP MP candidate MP Lalwani has to say. The party has made MP Lalwani the MP candidate from Indore for the second time. In his previous tenure, Lalwani has put the issues of rail, road and airport before the central government. Success has also been achieved in getting many works approved. They are reaching out to the public regarding these tasks. Lalwani says that BJP has an agenda of overall development in its manifesto. Elderly people above 70 years of age have been included in the Ayushman scheme. Free grains are being distributed to the poor. There are many schemes to empower industry, farmers, youth and women. We are working for developed India. Presented are excerpts from the conversation with him.

Question: What are the priorities regarding Indore?

Answer: We will strengthen the road, rail and metro network for Indore and surrounding areas. Will further improve traffic. For this we have made short term, medium term and long term plans. For the first time after independence, a large number of over bridges are being built. Many of these are being made by the Central Government. To supply water, they are bringing the fourth phase of Narmada. Its DPR has been prepared. Have sent it to the Center and will get it approved by the state also. Elevated corridor is being built by LIG. Approval of Rs 350 crore has been received for this. There are some issues, we will resolve them and get this started soon.

Question: Rail projects connected to Indore are still incomplete. Why was the adequate budget not received?

Answer: Indore has received the highest budget this time in its history after independence. Indore-Khandwa, Indore-Dahod and Indore-Budhani-Jabalpur will be completed in the coming one and a half years. Talking about Indore-Manmad, till now it was being built by Shipping Corporation but now it is being built by Railways. Its DPR has been prepared. Soon that plan will also be completed.

Question: Why did the new international flight not start?

Answer: Till now three international flights have started from Indore. International flights start according to commercial demand. New flights will also start soon.

Question: How much development work was done in Adarsh Gram?

Answer: We have done good work in whatever Adarsh Gram (Model villages) we have adopted. The central team has also praised it and has also videographed it. Some work still remains in the village that was adopted last. That too will be completed soon.

Question: How do you see the organization giving you a second chance?

Answer: The organization has its own process for selecting candidates. He is selected accordingly. I have been selected considering my work. I will live up to the expectations of the organization.

Question: Congress has fielded a new and young face, how much of a challenge do you consider?

Answer: No matter who the candidate is, we work seriously. We will contest the elections seriously. Will go among the people and present our views. Will leave no stone unturned.

Question: How much benefit will we get from the Ram Mandir issue?

Answer: We do not do politics of religion. There is enthusiasm among the people about the establishment of Ram temple. It was constructed due to the efforts of Prime Minister Modi and during his tenure, hence people have an emotional attachment to it. We will definitely benefit from it.

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