UP:Congress, SP have done nothing for economic upliftment of Muslims: PM Modi

Aligarh, Apr 22 (UNI) Slamming Congress and Samajwadi Party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that these political parties have always done “politics of appeasement” and have never done anything for the social and economic upliftment of Muslims.

Addressing an election rally for the Lok Sabha Elections at Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Modi said “The people at the top reaped the benefits and the Pasmanda Muslims were forced to live in their conditions”.

“Riots, murders, gang wars, extortion, etc. were the trademark of the SP government, this was their identity and their politics also ran on this”

He said, “Now in Yogi Ji’s government, criminals do not dare to disturb the peace of the citizens”.

The Prime Minister said, “The lives of so many daughters were ruined due to triple talaq. Now Modi has made their lives safe by making a law against triple talaq”.

“Today not only has India’s Haj quota increased but visa rules have also been made easier. The government has also allowed women to go to Haj without a Mahram” he further added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also lashed out at the Congress, accusing it of trying to Amend a law to ‘snatch’ assets of the citizens.

“Congress and its allies have an eye on your income and assets. The Congress’s “Shehzada” said that if his government is formed, they will find out what all you have. It will be probed and all these assets will be taken under government control and distributed,” the Prime Minister said at a rally in Aligarh”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hit out at INDIA alliance members Samajwadi Party and Congress and took a veiled ‘shahzada’ (prince) jibe at their leaders Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi.

“Last time when I came to Aligarh, I had requested all of you to lock the factories of nepotism, corruption, and appeasement of SP and Congress. You put such a strong lock that the two princes have not been able to find its key to date” he said.

He also attacked the I.N.D.I.A alliance members and alleged that they are so pessimistic that they have no courage to look towards the future.

“They ask why Modi talks about developed India, why Modi talks about making India the third largest economic power?… These people do nothing except for the greed of their family and power and keep dividing the public” he said.

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