UN General Assembly calls for safe AI systems for sustainable development

United Nations, Mar 22 (UNI) The General Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution to promote safe, secure and trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) systems for sustainable development.

The resolution stresses the need for the standard of safe, secure and trustworthy AI systems to promote, not hinder, digital transformation and equitable access to their benefits in order to achieve sustainable development and address other shared global challenges, particularly for developing countries.

It encourages UN member states and invites multi-stakeholders from all regions and countries to develop and support regulatory and governance approaches and frameworks related to safe, secure and trustworthy AI systems that create an enabling ecosystem at all levels.

It calls on member states and invites other stakeholders to take action to cooperate with and provide assistance to developing countries toward inclusive and equitable access to the benefits of digital transformation and safe AI systems.

The resolution emphasizes that human rights and fundamental freedoms must be respected, protected and promoted throughout the life cycle of AI systems.

It encourages all member states and other stakeholders to promote safe, secure and trustworthy AI systems in an inclusive and equitable manner, and for the benefit of all, and foster an enabling environment for such systems to address the world’s greatest challenges, with specific consideration of developing countries and leaving no one behind.

The resolution recognizes that data are fundamental to the development and operation of AI systems. It emphasizes that good data governance is essential to safe, secure and trustworthy AI systems for sustainable development.

It acknowledges the importance of continuing the discussion on developments in the area of AI governance so that international approaches keep pace with the evolution of AI systems and their uses.

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