Traffic to remain diverted due to girder launching

  • Diversion from today till April 28

Bhopal: Girder launching (ROB) work is to be done at Habibganj Naka under the Bhopal Metro Rail Project. According to traffic police, keeping in view the safety of the general public, during the said work, it is necessary to close the road from Habibganj Naka to RRL Tiraha and divert the traffic.

The information about this has been given to the traffic police by the construction company. From the point of view of safe traffic, the traffic diversion plan during the said construction work from March 29 to April 28 will be applicable. The general public has been requested to follow the traffic rules and cooperate in maintaining the traffic system by using the diverted route and in case of any inconvenience, contact the traffic helpline number – 0755-2677340, 2443850.

Meanwhile, although Metro officials are diligently working to expedite the availability of the Metro train to the public, the construction of the first route from AIIMS to Karond area will inevitably require some time. Experts anticipate that the commercial operation of the Metro will commence in parts of the city around July or August. However, the entire Metro project is expected to take some time to reach completion.

The construction plan for the route from AIIMS to Karond entails the creation of twin tunnels and two underground stations, which have yet to be initiated. While the contract has been awarded to a selected agent this week, it will take at least two months for the work to commence. Officials have indicated that the preparation of the two underground stations and tunnels will span approximately three years.

Traffic Diversion
– The road from Habibganj Naka to RRL Tiraha will be completely closed.
– Vehicles going from ISBT towards Hoshangabad Road will be able to go towards Hoshangabad Road via ISBT, Sanchi Booth Centre, Kasturba Hospital, DRM Office, Shakti Nagar Square, BSNL Tiraha, RRL Tiraha.
– Similarly, vehicles going from Hoshangabad Road towards ISBT will be able to go towards ISBT via RRL Tiraha, BSNL Tiraha, Shakti Nagar Square, DRM Office, Kasturba Hospital, Sanchi Booth Centre.

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