Telangana CM invites Sonia Gandhi for state formation day on June 2

New Delhi, May 28 (UNI) Chief Minister of Telangana, Revanth Reddy on Tuesday met Chairperson of Congress Parliamentary Party Sonia Gandhi and invited her to attend the state’s formation day on June 2.

Revanth Reddy met Sonia Gandhi at her residence here.

After meeting the former president, Revanth Reddy told media, “I have come here to invite Smt Sonia Gandhi to attend the celebration of Telangana formation day and in principle she has agreed to attend it. June 2 is a very auspicious day for the people of Telangana and I have invited her on behalf of them”.

He said the state Cabinet has passed a resolution for Sonia Gandhi to attend the formation day and this information was conveyed her.

He again reiterated his party’s stand that INDI alliance government will be formed on June 4 and on June 9, Congress will unfurl the Tricolour. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completely failed and the “warranty of the Prime Minister’s guarantee has expired”.

On a question regarding BJP claiming victory in the general election, Revanth Reddy said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP had made such claims everywhere. He had made similar claims were made in Kerala, Telangana and other states too.

The Telangana Chief Minister said that BJP was losing the election and hence Modi and other BJP leaders were raising issues which are not of any concern to divert the attention of the people of the country.

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