Shivpuri girl was in Jaipur before abduction

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Amidst escalating efforts to locate a Shivpuri-based girl allegedly abducted in Kota, a recent development in the investigation has unveiled a new CCTV clip.

The footage depicts the girl in the company of two people on March 18, mere hours before her reported disappearance. The location is identified as Jaipur’s Durgapura Railway Station.

The 21-year-old, originally from Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, had been preparing for the NEET exam in Kota, Rajasthan. Her father received a ransom demand of Rs 30 lakh via message on Monday, around 3 pm.

The case rapidly garnered national attention, prompting the intervention of Union Aviation Minister, representing Gwalior, who reached out to Rajasthan CM Bhajanlal Sharma, urging for police assistance in locating the missing girl.

Subsequently, police have heightened its investigation, leveraging the CCTV footage while scrutinizing clips from various localities.

Confirming the initiation of an FIR in Kota, Shivpuri police have launched a thorough investigation to trace the victim.

Social media platforms circulated images on Tuesday portraying the girl wearing a purple T-shirt, her hands bound with rope and mouth gagged, further intensifying concerns over her welfare.


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