SC saved democracy from fangs of BJP: Kharge on Chandigarh Mayor poll

New Delhi, Feb 20 (UNI) Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday welcomed the Supreme Court verdict on the Chandigarh Mayor election, stating that the apex court has saved democracy from the fangs of an autocratic BJP.

On a post on X, Kharge said, “The Supreme Court has saved Democracy from the fangs of an autocratic BJP, which resorted to dirty election manipulation”.

He said that this was just a tip of the iceberg to trample democracy and urged all to fight against this .

“The institutional sabotage in the #ChandigarhMayorPolls is only a tip of the iceberg in Modi-Shah’s devious conspiracy to trample Democracy. All Indians must fight this onslaught on our Constitution, collectively,” Kharge said .

“Never forget. Our Democracy shall be at the crossroads in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections!,” the Congress president said.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi on X termed it as a murder of democracy adding that it is a conspiracy of BJP, “while Masih is just a pawn, Modi is the real face behind it”.

Moreover, KC Venugopal while hailing the Supreme Court said that the entire election process was a complete farce, which has been duly exposed with this historic verdict.

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