Rajnath Singh calls for a chance for BJP in Telangana

Huzurabad (Telangana), Oct 16 (UNI) Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday urged the public to consider giving the BJP an opportunity to usher in comprehensive change in Telangana.

During a public meeting held in Jammikunta in Huzurabad Assembly Constituency, Rajnath Singh expressed his optimism regarding the BJP’s prospects, citing the enthusiastic turnout at the event. He acknowledged Telangana’s rich history of resilience and skill, with references to significant cultural and historical landmarks like Maa Bhadrakali and the Ramappa temple, as well as iconic figures like Rani Rudrama and Komaram Bheem.

Rajnath Singh pointed out the growth of the BJP in the region, recalling the party’s victory in two seats in the 1984 Lok Sabha elections, one of which was in Telangana. He emphasized that while other states had witnessed development, Telangana appeared to be lagging behind due to alleged corruption.

The Union Home Minister drew a contrast between the BJP’s successful creation and management of three states – Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh – and the Congress’s perceived failure in addressing the issues during the formation of Telangana.

Rajnath Singh questioned the lack of development in the state, despite two terms of rule by KCR, highlighting concerns about alleged corruption and misuse of power by the ruling government.

He underscored the importance of putting the state’s interests before personal interests and criticized KCR’s apparent focus on family interests over the welfare of the people.

Rajnath Singh pointed to the case of Etela Rajender, who left the party due to similar concerns, and highlighted the significant resources spent to defeat the BJP candidate during the by-elections.

He raised questions about the state’s promises and their fulfillment, particularly regarding employment and land distribution. Rajnath Singh called on KCR to apologize to the people for the leakage of examination papers and sought clarification on the distribution of land and financial assistance to marginalized families.

The Union Minister emphasized the need for leaders to align their words with their actions, pledging that the BJP would fulfill its promises, such as the construction of the Ram Mandir and equal status for Jammu and Kashmir among other states.

Regarding corruption in the Dharani portal and its impact on the public, Rajnath Singh mentioned the “Bhuswamitra Yojana,” a project aimed at digitizing land records, which is currently being implemented in several states and is expected to be ready by March. He assured that this would facilitate clear land records and easier access to bank loans for the public.

Rajnath Singh also touched on housing initiatives, highlighting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had provided four crore houses across the nation.

He emphasized that these houses had not been delivered by the BRS Government. Additionally, he praised the Naari Shakti Vandana Act, which the Centre had passed, providing 33 percent reservation for women.

Rajnath Singh concluded by emphasizing that the BJP does not engage in caste, creed, region, or religion-based politics and encouraged support for the party’s efforts to elevate India’s economy.

Union Minister and the party’s state unit president G. Kishan Reddy expressed confidence in the BJP’s prospects, recalling the party’s resistance against Congress rule. He positioned the BJP as an alternative to both the Congress and BRS parties, asserting that KCR’s family would be sidelined despite threats and considerable spending.

Election Committee Chairman and MLA Rajender recounted his experiences and the support he received from Huzurabad voters. He acknowledged the challenges he faced after leaving the party and the intimidation of those who supported him. Despite the opposition, he secured a victory with the people’s support.

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