Omar urges Congress leadership to reverse Hijab ban in Karnataka

Srinagar, Nov 14 (UNI) Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Tuesday came out in support of the women of Karnataka for exercising the choice to wear Hijab and urged the Congress high command to look into the matter.

The Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) today banned any kind of head cover during upcoming recruitment exams of various boards and corporations in the state.

“Why government indulging in personnel matters of the people and such orders being issued that are only targeting Muslims”, Omar told media in Tangmarg in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

“The Ban on the Hijab during the BJP regime in Karnataka was not so surprising, but it is very unfortunate it is happening now in the rule of Congress there. Issuing such an order is very unfortunate”, he added.

The NC Vice President urged the Congress high command, especially President Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to think over the banning of head cover during the upcoming recruitment exams of various boards and corporations in the state again and reverse it.

Asked about when the Assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir will be held, Omar said “the BJP is not able to face the people. Leave aside the Assembly elections, they are not even able to face the people in Panchayat elections; those have now been abandoned”.

He said the term of municipalities have ended in Srinagar and in Jammu these are going to be over soon and till January 2024 Panchs and Sarpanches will also retire.

“Even though they told the world that they (BJP) have established three-tier democracy in Jammu and Kashmir..not a single tier is visible now”, the former Chief Minister said and added “If BJP thinks they can win the elections they should have announced by now”.

Regarding the alliance in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election, Omar said elections are not yet being announced, let these be announced and will be decided during the meeting of India Alliance.

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