Night temp rises, fluctuations to continue

Bhopal: Over the course of just 24 hours, the nighttime temperature in Bhopal has risen by 1.8 degrees, according to meteorologists. They anticipate that temperature fluctuations will persist over the next week, but starting on November 20, the mercury will begin to drop, ushering in colder conditions.

HS Pandey, a senior scientist at IMD Bhopal, noted that the state typically experiences severe cold in December and January, with temperatures dropping below 4 degrees in Bhopal during this period. This year, similar weather patterns are expected. The presence of an active Western Disturbance in Northern India is causing daytime warmth and mild nighttime cold.

Meteorologist Prakash Dhawale predicts that by the end of the week, nighttime temperatures in Bhopal may decrease to 10 to 11 degrees, while daytime temperatures will hover around 30 degrees.

In the second week of November, there’s a possibility of a slight decrease in daytime temperatures compared to the first week. Nighttime temperatures may remain 0.5 degrees higher than usual, resulting in relatively mild conditions.

As for the third week, the weather is anticipated to take a turn with the potential for cloudy skies for one or two days, although no drizzle is expected. Cloud cover could lead to an increase in nighttime temperatures.

In the last week of November, there may be morning fog for a few days, along with a slight drop in daytime temperatures.

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