Muslim side says – there is no basement under the tomb, it is the real tomb

  • Survey is going on in Bhojshala using scientific method, application given for survey according to all the genres

Chronicle Reporter, Dhar
A survey is going on in Bhojshala using scientific methods. Monday was the 25th day of the survey. Eighteen officers, along with 20 laborers, entered the premises at 8 am on Monday. During this, both the parties were also present.

For the last two days, the team has been working in and around the Havankund. Some team members are working here even on Monday. After the initial survey of the pond is completed, the process of removing soil is expected to begin from here also. Abdul Samad said that the work is going on as per the order of the court, there is no basement under the tomb. Baba’s real tomb is there, symbolically, after 1450, Mohammed Khilji Saheb built a luxurious tomb. There are other real tombs below, those who are spreading new rumours.

Spreading misconceptions regarding excavation

According to Ashish Goyal, scientific survey is going on, despite the scorching heat, work is going on here. A misconception is being spread regarding excavation. Excavation is going on in compliance with the orders given by the Supreme Court. Evidence is also coming to light, court decisions are being followed. Survey photos and videography

Excavation can be done by leaving the physical structure. Yesterday a written application was given that survey should be done in an area of 50 meters as per all the methods.

Many inscriptions have also been found

These types of things should be avoided, do not say anything without evidence and facts. Everything is present in history, no such thing should be said which would hurt the faith of any society. Abdul said that this is the request to both the sections, ASI is working as per its own. Our job is to support them, not to complicate them further. Excavations are closed as per the order of the Supreme Court, objection has also been lodged regarding screening. Its original form did not change. Some people are calling the stretching as digging, which is not being done below one to one and a half feet, it is not a basement, it is made in the form of rooms, when the team surveyed it, it was seen. Many inscriptions have also been found, the society has a lot of hope from it.

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