Monsoon’s entry in MP delayed

Bhopal: Pre-monsoon conditions persist in Madhya Pradesh, while the monsoon, which reached Gujarat on June 11, has stalled and has not advanced. Over the past two days, pre-monsoon rainfall has been reported in several districts of MP.

The Meteorological Department has said the monsoon has weakened since June 10-14, leading to a delay in its progression towards Madhya Pradesh. The monsoon is expected to advance into MP and neighboring states around June 18-19.

Heavy rains in Burhanpur

Meanwhile, pre-monsoon activities have started in some parts of MP. Heavy rains occurred in Burhanpur, the southernmost district of Madhya Pradesh, on Saturday. Pre-monsoon showers are expected in southern districts like Burhanpur, Khandwa, Khargone, Barwani.

On Saturday, Burhanpur experienced heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds and hail. The downpour brought relief from the intense heat, significantly cooling down the area. The pleasant change in weather brought joy to the residents, prompting them to capture the rainfall in videos and share their happiness on social media.

Meteorologists have reported the presence of two active cyclonic circulation systems. The southern region is experiencing rainy and windy conditions with high wind speeds. A similar weather pattern is evolving in the northwest region, indicating the likelihood of storms, thunder, and rainfall even before the onset of the monsoon.


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