Make young generation aware about relevance of astrological knowledge

Governor attends inaugural session of Maharishi Parashar International Astrology meet

Bhopal: Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel said that the knowledge of astrology is a gift of the practice and research of our ancestors. He said that the young generation should be made aware of the relevance and importance of astrology knowledge in the contemporary world.

Patel was addressing the inaugural session of the first Maharishi Parashar International Astrology Conference in the auditorium of Central Sanskrit University. The two-day conference has been organised under the joint aegis of Central Sanskrit University, Bhopal campus, Astroverse and Jeevan Vaibhav Group. The conference will conclude on 10 December.

Patel said astrology as an option for employment and business should be presented with its scientism and creativity. He told that in astrology there are 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets and 27 constellations. When Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had planned Puneet Van in front of Gujarat Assembly and Manglik Van in Ambaji on the basis of astrology. Mentioning the events related to the project, the Governor, in his capacity as Forest Minister, said that Shivalinga has been created from a group of Bel Patra plants in Puneet Van. In the Manglik Van, the shape of Om has been made by the trees.

At the outset of the programme, the Governor was welcomed with a bunch of flowers and felicitated with shawl and shrifal. Shri Patel inaugurated the conference by lighting the lamp. In the programme, the first copy of Jeevan Vaibhav Group’s souvenir special issue, mementos and insignia were presented to the Governor.

Reinterpretation of astrology in the current

In his online address in the inaugural session, Shri David Tralen of the American Institute of Vedic Studies elaborated on the key dimensions of astrology. Describing astrology as a science as well as an art, he expressed the need for innovation and reinterpretation of astrology in the current social, political, technological, spiritual situations and scenario of communication. He asked to consider possibilities of incorporating technical features and environmental changes.

In 6 sessions of the two-day conference, various topics of astrology, importance of astrology and relevance of classical solutions to global changes and challenges will be considered. The conference is being attended by 150 scholars and youth participants.

The welcome address was given by Dr. Ramakant Pandey, Professor of Central Sanskrit University. He told that Central Sanskrit University is a multi-campus institution of Delhi. Bhopal campus is a part of it. The vote of thanks was expressed by Shri Hemchand Pandey of Jeevan Vaibhav Group.

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