Kishan Reddy asserts nationwide support for Prime Minister Modi’s leadership

Komuram-Bheem (Telangana), Feb 23 (UNI) Union Minister and Telangana BJP President G Kishan Reddy, during the fourth day of his Vijay Sankalp Yatra in Kagaznagar, reiterated the overwhelming desire of the entire nation for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

Addressing the media, Kishan Reddy stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has initiated its election campaign nationwide, emphasising the widespread support for the incumbent Prime Minister.

“People across the country are eager for the security and development that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has consistently delivered,” said Kishan Reddy. He added that even some leaders from the Congress party expressed a desire for Modi to continue as the Prime Minister.

Kishan Reddy highlighted the key areas of focus during the previous five years, which included development programs, welfare initiatives, infrastructure, and agriculture. He also stressed Modi’s commitment to the comprehensive development of women, youth empowerment, and the central government’s focus on farmers.

“In the next five years, our goal is to empower the youth to lead globally, develop the underprivileged across categories, and make the country self-sufficient in agriculture,” stated Kishan Reddy.

He also outlined various measures taken by the government, such as increased budget allocations for the agriculture sector, support for farmers through Kisan Samman funds, and initiatives like Nano urea to boost agricultural productivity.

Furthermore, Kishan Reddy highlighted the efforts to revive cooperative systems and incentivize sheep rearing in Telangana, dispelling the previous government’s failures in disclosing central funds.

The Union Minister affirmed the government’s commitment to completing pending projects in Telangana, providing subsidies on fertilizers, and facilitating the transport of farmers’ produce through improved infrastructure.

Kishan Reddy emphasized the government’s dedication to inclusive development, stating, “We will continue identifying and developing the underprivileged across various categories, working towards a prosperous and self-reliant India.”

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