ISRO scientist alleges scooty rider abused him in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, Aug 31 (UNI) An ISRO scientist was allegedly abused by a man riding a scooty while he was travelling to his workplace in the city here.

Ashish Lamba, the scientist, brought the allegation into the public domain on Wednesday by posting it on X, formerly known as Twitter. He alleged that a person on the scooty suddenly stopped his two-wheeler in front of his car and started to hurl abuses at him for having applied the brakes suddenly.

Lamba alleged that the accused was recklessly riding his scooty and coming in front of his car, and he had to apply the brakes to avoid crashing into the two-wheeler. The incident took place on August 29 at the newly-built underpass near HAL office.

“Yesterday during going to ISRO office, near to newly constructed HAL underpass, a person on scooty (KA03KM8826) without helmet was driving recklessly and coming in front of our car suddenly and so we had to apply sudden brake,” Lamba Xed.

“He came to our car and started fighting. He kicked my car two times and flew. Kindly please do the needful,” he wrote further.

Taking note of the viral video, the Bengaluru police said an officer will look into the matter.

The incident invited widespread public wrath on social media. The angry netizens demanded stern action against the accused. One X handle named Samooha Shakti said, “The police should stop all helmetless riders and detain them in a police station for a day. Toothless rules implemented by spineless officers make this society lawless.”

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