INDIA Alliance forging ahead to combat anti-people and anti-democratic BJP Government: Kharge

Hyderabad, Sep 16 (UNI) AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge on Saturday said Today 27 INDIA parties stand together on fundamental issues of importance.

After three successful meetings, the INDIA Alliance is forging ahead to combat the anti-people and anti-democratic BJP Government, Kharge said on ‘ X’ platform while sharing his opening remarks at the historic Congress Working Committee (CWC), going on at a star hotel here.

Perturbed at this development, the BJP Government is resorting to vindictive action against Opposition parties, he said we also strongly condemn the Government’s attempts to stifle opposition in Parliament and curtail public scrutiny in Parliament.

The forthcoming Special Session of Parliament raises concerns about the ruling party’s intentions, he said.

“ I extend you all a very warm welcome to this First Meeting of the newly constituted CWC in this brimming city of Hyderabad”, he said Indian National Congress has been playing a pivotal role as the principal opposition party at the Centre for the past nine-and-half years with committed determination in redressing concerns and grievance of the common people.

The country is at crossroads today facing many internal challenges, he shared on ‘ X’.

The Modi Government has been a complete failure on all important fronts- in controlling inflation, unemployment, raging violence in Manipur, widening inequality and declining condition of farmers and labourers, the Congress Chief said.

The entire nation is witnessing the tragic events still unfolding in Manipur. Modi government allowed the fire of Manipur to reach Nuh in Haryana, Kharge said that these incidents tarnish the image of modern, progressive, and secular India.

Our economy is in grave danger today. Inflation and rise in prices of all essential commodities has adversely affected the lives of the poor and common people, he said on ‘X’ social media plat form.

To add to the sorrows, a young country like ours is facing the grave challenge of record unemployment. The inequality gap is continuously deepening, he said.

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