INDI alliance is communal, casteist and nepotistic: alleges PM Modi

Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh), May 25 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched a fresh salvo on the opposition parties and alleged that all the parties in the INDI alliance have some common demerits of being extremely communal, casteist and dynastic families.

Addressing an election rally in support of BJP candidate Parasnath Rai at RTI Ground here, the PM said, “All the parties in the INDI alliance have some common demerits. They are extremely communal, casteist and nepotistic. They insulted Baba Saheb, insulted former President Ramnath Kovind and insulted a tribal woman President. They never respected Maharaja Suheldev.”

He said, “These people are conspiring to snatch the reservation of Dalits and give it to Muslims. In Karnataka, they made Muslims OBC overnight. Their big conspiracy has been exposed in Bengal. The entire INDIA bloc is involved in the loot of reservation. Modi is fighting against them. As long as Modi is alive, he will not let the reservation of SC, ST and OBC be snatched under any circumstances.”

He said that the INDI alliance is exceeding all limits of appeasement. “SP leaders dismiss the Ram temple as useless, while Congress leaders wish to shut it down. Congress wants to reignite conflict in Kashmir, endangering soldiers and strengthening Pakistan. However, Ghazipur should be proud that one of its own is now overseeing Jammu and Kashmir,” the Prime Minister said.

Praising Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Modi said that under his government, both riots and rioters have been effectively curbed in Uttar Pradesh.

He launched a blistering attack on Samajwadi Party (SP) and said, “During their rule, the mafia operated with impunity, brazenly challenging the law from open jeeps and killing rivals, while two to three riots took place each month”.

The PM said, “SP and Congress are willing to do anything for votes. The SP leader once claimed that he would banish the mafia, only to later align himself with them. SP not only protected the mafia but also gave them election tickets. Someone who cannot keep their word cannot fight for your cause.”

Describing the region as a land of strength and bravery, he said that the name of Gahmar village in Ghazipur speaks for itself. He lauded the village for producing brave individuals from every household, a distinction unmatched by any other place. The whole country, he said, is indebted to this soil.

Modi said that the INDI alliance members have betrayed Ghazipur. “After independence, Congress vowed not to develop this area, forcing the people to live in dire poverty. The issues here were first highlighted by our Gahmari Babu, who, with tears in his eyes, informed Nehru about the dire conditions, including people eating wheat from animal dung. Congress exploited this for political gain, staging dramas and forming the Patel Commission to placate the public. Despite the completion of the report, it was left to gather dust.”

He said that the government today was giving free ration to every poor, adding that even during the Covid pandemic the government did not let the poor sleep hungry. “Modi is spending lakhs of crores of rupees on the free ration scheme so that the poor do not face the kind of problems which they did during the rule of Congress and SP,” the Prime Minister said.

He mentioned that Gahmari Babu laid the foundation stone for the Tarighat bridge, but Congress and SP stalled the project for six decades. “It was only when Modi had the opportunity to serve that the bridge was finally built. Congress has mastered the art of delaying projects and denying people their rights,” Modi said.

The PM said that his government implemented One Rank One Pension (OROP) for army personnel, which was earlier stalled by the Congress when the party was in power. “Leaders of dynastic parties built palaces for their families while the villages, the poor, farmers, labourers, Dalits and underprivileged struggled for basic necessities,” he said.

Modi highlighted that his government has lifted 25 crore people out of poverty in just 10 years. “I have emerged from poverty, and I have grown up among the poor,” he said.

The PM urged for Ghazipur’s support in his mission for a developed India and urged that the lotus of Ghazipur will be offered at the feet of Maa Bharati.

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