Cong fought Lok Sabha polls on people issues while BJP on divisive agenda: Kharge

New Delhi, May 30 (UNI) Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday said that the 2024 Lok Sabha polls will be remembered for a long time as the party fought this election on issues related to the people while the BJP contested on divisive agenda.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here, Kharge said, “The 2024 Lok Sabha election will be remembered for a long time as people from different sections of the society came together to save the democracy and Constitution. People choose their issues over divisive agenda”.

Thanking the people for showing confidence and attending the election rallies in huge numbers, he said, “Congress always thinks about the welfare of the people and also works for them. Even our UPA government which was led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during its two terms had brought several welfare schemes for the poor”.

But Prime Minister Narendra Modi promoted issues like inflation, economic inequality and misuse of constitutional institutions, Kharge alleged.

Hitting out at Modi, the Rajya Sabha MP said that during the election campaign, Prime Minister in his 15-day election rally speech took name of Congress 232 times, used the word Modi 758 times, talked about INDI alliance and opposition 573 times, spoke about temple, mosques and dividing the society 421 times, used words like Muslims, minority 224 times but zero time on inflation and unemployment.

He termed Modi’s comment on knowing Mahatma Gandhi after watching the film ‘Gandhi by Richard Attenborough’ as “laughable”.

While advising the Prime Minister, the Congress President said, “By sitting in meditation, taking a dip in the sea or Ganga, one will not get knowledge. You also have to read”.

Kharge also congratulated all his colleagues and party workers who fearlessly stood up to protect the Constitution.

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