Candidates from capital doing public relations by walking for hours

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Election campaign is in full swing in the capital’s assembly seats. Candidates of all parties are walking for hours from morning to late evening, reaching door to door and colonies. By parking their vehicles at one place, the candidates are continuously interacting with the workers.

Before public relations, Ravindra Sahu Jhumarwala performed the anointment of Lord Shiva.
Now only a few days are left for counting in Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. As the election date is approaching, the campaign is also increasing. On Wednesday, Jhumarwala consecrated Lord Shiva to start public relations. The candidates have put their full strength into the campaign. He is campaigning from morning till late night. Ravindra Sahu Jhumarwala is receiving full support from the public during his public relations. The public seems to be in favor of him taking the Salkanpur Yatra and the World Heritage Sanchi Stupa Yatra in the area. During his public relations, Public starts showering flowers on Jhumarwala from the rooftops of the streets through which he passes. From children to the elderly, everyone comes out of their homes and stands to welcome him. Women perform their aarti and apply tilak.

Sarang walks continuously

If we talk about Vishwas Kailash Sarang, the BJP candidate contesting from Narela assembly of the capital Bhopal, he is continuously walking for 15 hours a day and contacting the public from door to door, while meeting the workers for about 3 hours every day and making the election strategy. Staying and taking meetings. Out of 24 hours of his day, Sarang is spending 18 hours among the public and workers. Sarang’s daily routine has completely changed since the announcement of elections. There is no place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. He takes it as per the time available, some days even the launch is not possible. On Wednesday also, Sarang did public relations in ward numbers 71 and 77. The residents welcomed him with great enthusiasm and thanked him for the development work done in the area. During this, he touched the feet of all the elders and took blessings of victory.

Manoj Shukla did intensive public relations

Congress candidate from Narela, Manoj Shukla is continuously doing intensive public contact from 9 am to 10 pm. People from every section of the assembly constituency were seen standing with Manoj Shukla. On Wednesday, Manoj Shukla started from in front of Yushan Hotel, via Main Road Shiv Nagar, Janta Nagar, Peepal Square, Karond Square, Panchvati, Deshwadi Mohalla, Union Carbide Colony, Shanti Nagar, Bhopal Jal Seva to Vishwakarma Colony. Nabibagh Berasia Road in front of the police station Pooja Colony Goya Colony, Closing at Shivani Homes Karond Congress office Youth in-charge Discussion with sector officials Durga Temple Semra Ekta Puri Colony, Rajiv Nagar New Rajiv Nagar, Geetanjali Kul Seema School Manvendra Sharda Temple, Shivram Did public relations at Mandir Semra Square, Purushottam Nagar Phase-1. There was a lot of enthusiasm among the youth about Shukla.

BJP means guarantee of development: Sabnani

Bhagwan Das Sabnani, the popular candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party South West Assembly, received the blessings of the public by doing intensive public relations in areas like Ward No. 27, Naya Basera, Rajiv Nagar, Mandawa Basti, Kamla Nagar, etc. Addressing the people present during the public relations, Sabnani said that BJP’s victory means guarantee of development, efforts for continuous development with honest thinking and with the cooperation of all of you, I will work among you day and night. Received the blessings of Sant Ravidas by visiting Sant Ravidas temple located at Naya Basera. At various places, local citizens welcomed Sabnani warmly by garlanding him. During the public relations, many BJP officials and workers including former councilor Mukesh Rai, Ram Neta Singh, Santosh Brahm Bhatt, Vinod Batham, Rakesh Jain, Nandu Telkar, Nidhi Chaurasia, Ram Asudani, Motilal Thackeray, Kunjilal Yadav were present.

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