BJP is not ready to make Shivraj Singh the face of CM

‘When Congress govt is formed, we will give free electricity’

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal /Jaura/Dimani
When our government comes, we will give a support price of Rs 2600 for wheat and Rs 2500 for paddy. Through the Padho Aur Padhao scheme, we provide them Rs 500 to Rs 1500; we will give scholarships every month. We believe that farmers should be economically strengthened and the education system of the state should improve. Kamal Nath said the above things in his address on Tuesday while remembering the brave martyred soldiers in the Congress public meeting organized at Jaura and Dimani in Morena district.

While addressing the local public, Kamal Nath said that now only two days are left and in the voting to be held on 17th, you have to decide what kind of state you want. I am very happy to be among you today and your candidate is also my representative. I want to tell the police, administration and BJP people that Kamal Nath is no longer the model of 2018 but now the model of 2023.

Kamal Nath said that all elections have their own importance, the election to be held on 17th is the election of the future of Madhya Pradesh, it is not the election of any party or any candidate. Therefore, now you have to decide in which direction you want to take Madhya Pradesh. Today the picture of the state is in front of you, today the state has been made a ruined state. Today the health and education system in the state is in disarray. When I see the youth, I feel very worried, because the entire Madhya Pradesh has to be built from these youth. But if their future remains in darkness then how will development be done? Today 1 crore youth are unemployed in Madhya Pradesh. Today the system of give money and take employment is going on in the state, more than 250 scams have taken place in the state.

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