Arun Yadav or Rajnarayan fight with Congress?

  • Mandhata, only general seat of Khandwa district
  • Pandhana and Harsud reserved for ST and Khandwa SC

Rajendra Parashar, Nadeem Royal, Khandwa
Khandwa is the most active district of politics in Nimar. There are four assembly seats here. Mandhata is the only general seat. Pandhana and Harsud are reserved for ST and Khandwa for SC. In the last assembly elections, the Congress had won one seat and the BJP three. At the time of game change, the only Congressman Narayan Patel had also joined BJP. He won the election from Mandhata. In the by-election also, Narayan Patel fought with BJP and won. At present he is the only MLA.

Mandhata of Khandwa district comes under the general seat. The general class leaders have their eyes on this seat. Big leaders in both the parties want to try their luck for 2023 from here. Looking at the current mathematics, any of the two strong faces of the Congress can get the ticket. In this, Rajnarayan Singh has contested six times from this constituency. He contested and lost the Lok Sabha by-election as well. He has also been an MLA twice. He is considered to be a good player of politics here. Along with big politicians, most of the common voters know him by face. His son Uttampal Singh also lost the last by-election.

Former Congress President and Union Minister Arun Yadav can also contest from the Mandhata seat. He has been a Lok Sabha member from Khandwa. Arun Yadav contesting the assembly elections will be no less than a surprise.

Veterans trying to sideline Narayan Patel

The tussle for ticket in Mandhata with BJP also started a year ago. Narayan Patel is currently an MLA. Veterans are engaged to shore him up. Narendra Singh Tomar, who had lost the election once, had raised the flag of rebellion. After the discussions, it was thought appropriate to come back to the BJP pavilion. Many claimants from other categories are also asking for tickets from general seats. From here the BJP can field a winnable and financially sound candidate.

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