Amit Shah accuses Mamata and her nephew of not attending Ram Lala consecration fearing vote banks

Wast Bardhaman (Bengal), Apr 30 (UNI) Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday accused the Congress, Communists and the TMC of constant opposition of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya for their alleged appeasement policy and said those party leaders despite being invited to attend the consecration ceremony of Ram Lal deity did not attend in apprehension of losing vote banks.

Addressing an electioneering in favour of BJP candidate and folk singer Ashim Sarkar for Purba Bardhaman Lok Sabha seat, Shah pointed out that

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee despite being invited did not attend the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony because they were afraid of losing the support of “infiltrators” in West Bengal.

For 70 years, Congress, Communists and the TMC had been opposing the Ram Mandir issue, Shaha said.

” But when you voted Modiji for the second term in 2019 with 18 seats in Bengal in next five years, Modi Ji not only won the court case but also established Ram Mandir and held bhumi pujan and finally the set up of Ram Lala in Ayodhya, ” the Union Home Minister said and urged the people to vote for the BJP candidates and PM Modiji.

” I assure you if you give 30 seats from Bengal we will return to Bengal ‘Sonar Bangla’ and bring all the perpetrators to justice, ” Shah said.

Addressing the rally at Memari ground, Shah also accused the TMC, Communists and Congress for opposing the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir for alleged vote banks.

Shah said the Modi government has so far sanctioned Rs 10 lakh crore of funds for development of West Bengal, but the fruits of the development were being grabbed by the goons of the TMC and their leaders.

” Why would the ministers not be in jails after some Rs 51 crore is being seized from a minister in Bengal, ” Shah asked.

Shah accused the TMC supremo of her constant opposition against the ED and CBI and asked why the ministers were being named in corruption in almost all the central schemes in the state.

He said the people were being looted and all the central schemes were being rebranded by the TMC government to hoodwink the people.

” Mamata Didir opposition (CAA) to granting Indian citizenship to those refugees who arrived in India, especially on religious persecution, is obvious as she did not want to annoy the infiltrators from across the border, ” Shah said.

He assured the p[people of Purba Bardhaman that justice to be done on the families of those 8/10 people who have been murdered after 2021 Assembly poll.

Shah said even the perpetrators of Sandeshkhali would not be spared and urged the people to elect at least 30 BJP candidates from Bengal to strengthen Modi’s 400 mark in 2024 Parliament election.

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