All looters during Congress and BJD rules in Odisha will be sent to jail: Modi

Baripada/Remuna/Kendrapara (Odisha), May 29 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that all corruption cases during the Congress and BJD regimes in Odisha will be probed, and those who looted the state will be sent to jail, this is “Modi’s guarantee.”

Addressing election meetings during his fourth leg of electioneering in Odisha, Modi accused both Congress and BJD governments of being responsible for poverty in the state.

Modi stated that the Congress had ruled Odisha for 50 years, while the BJD has governed the state for the last 25 years.

He accused both parties of betraying the people of Odisha in the name of development.

Despite Odisha being rich in mineral and other resources, Modi said the state had not witnessed the desired economic growth, and people are still languishing in poverty.

He vowed that those involved in corruption and who looted the state, shattering the aspirations of the people of Odisha, would not be spared and would be sent to jail.

Modi pointed out that BJD leaders who previously did not even own a bicycle now own luxury vehicles and have amassed huge amounts of money from corruption.

He promised that the looted money would be recovered from them.

The Prime Minister appealed to the people to vote for BJP candidates in both Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, advocating for a “double engine” government in the state.

He assured that this would make Odisha the number one state in the country.

Modi highlighted that ten years ago, people thought it would be difficult to check corruption and counter terrorism, but in the last ten years, the country has been freed from these issues.

He noted that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are now celebrating democracy with record voting turnout. Before 2014, India was ranked eleventh in the world economy, and today it has moved to fifth position.

Modi predicted that in the next five years, development would be expedited, and India would emerge as the third economic power in the world.

He also stated that within the next six months after June 4, India would see significant changes in its political landscape, with the disintegration of political parties based on dynasty politics.

Modi also predicted that there will be a “big explosion” in the BJD politics in Odisha in the next six months.

The Prime Minister emphasized that those who have looted the state’s resources will have to return the money, reiterating that this is “Modi’s guarantee.”

There will be no sympathy for those who have looted the people of the state, and these looters will be punished and sent to jail to spend the rest of their lives there, he said.

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