6 km road has to be searched for in potholes

Chronicle Reporter, Sagar
A six-kilometer-long bypass road was made to connect Agasaud Road and Bhopal Road, but due to lack of repair, now the road has to be searched for in potholes. In many places, there is no layer of asphalt left.

There are wide and deep potholes on the road. In some parts, there have been pits ten to ten feet wide, from which it is becoming difficult to take out the car. When it rains, the vehicles are getting damaged due to falling in the potholes and there is a fear of overturning due to uncontrolled vehicles. Those drivers who are aware of potholes, they take out the vehicle from the side. There are about one hundred potholes on the entire road, which are becoming a problem for the drivers, if only the potholes are filled here, then the drivers will get some relief. Vehicles coming and going from the city towards Bhopal, Ashoknagar, Kurwai are diverted from this road. Passenger buses also leave from here, due to which the traffic pressure has increased here. More than 500 vehicles, big or small, leave in a day. Due to bad road, the breakdown of vehicles is also increasing. The trouble here increases more during the night.

Mudiya Nayak, Bhilawali villages fall from this road and apart from this, people from other nearby villages also have to come and go. The villagers told that some part of the road has completely turned into pits, where there is a problem in taking out the truck. This road has become a problem for the villagers and the drivers. Small vehicles are bumping down in potholes.

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