30 sacks of PDS rice seized

Bhopal: In a crackdown on the continuous black marketing of Public Distribution System (PDS) rice, Gwalior police confiscated a loaded vehicle filled with rice grains. The vehicle was caught while transporting 25 to 30 sacks of PDS rice from Sheopur to Bamori in Rajasthan.

According to information, the PDS rice was being transported for sale in Rajasthan, but police intervened in the matter following a tip-off and seized the vehicle. The police action took place near the Chambal River, approximately 3 kilometers from Baroda, with further investigations underway. Also, samples of the seized rice were taken by Food Inspector Sunil Sharma, with the Food Department.

According to Food Inspector Sunil Sharma, action is being taken against the concerned people in the matter. Also he emphasized on the need for efforts to control such illegal activities, ensuring that the benefits of the PDS system reach the intended beneficiaries.

As per information, the influence of the ration mafia, which operates freely, has a strong hold on the PDS system. Despite the administration’s efforts to curb such malpractices, the ration mafia continues to thrive, disregarding the welfare of the underprivileged who are actually entitled to these subsidized grain.

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