You keep digging into past to hide your shortcomings: Kharge to Modi

New Delhi, June 25 (UNI) Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that he keeps digging into the past to hide his shortcomings, while the “Undeclared Emergency” that was imposed on 140 crore Indians in the last 10 years has dealt a severe blow to democracy and Constitution.

On his social media site X, Kharge said, “The country is looking towards the future; you keep digging into the past to hide your shortcomings. The “Undeclared Emergency” that you made 140 crore Indians feel in the last 10 years has dealt a severe blow to democracy and the Constitution.”

He said, “Breaking up parties, toppling elected governments through the backdoor, misusing ED, CBI, IT on 95 percent Opposition leaders, putting even Chief Minister in jail, and spoiling the level playing field by using power before elections – isn’t this an Undeclared Emergency?”

He said that Modi speaks of consensus and cooperation, but his actions were contrary to this.

“Where was the word consensus when 146 Opposition MPs were suspended from Parliament and three laws were passed to change the criminal justice system? Where was the word consensus when statues of great personalities were shifted to a corner of the Parliament premises without asking the opposition? Where was the word consensus when three black laws were imposed on 15 crore farmer families and they were forced to sit on road for months?” Kharge asked the PM.

He said, “Be it demonetization, the hastily implemented lockdown, or the electoral bonds law, there are hundreds of such examples on which the Modi Government not use ‘Consensus or Cooperation’ at all. Forget about the opposition; even its leaders were kept in the dark.”

The Rajya Sabha MP said that the BJP had ruined democracy and the Constitution, and the Congress had always supported democracy and the Constitution and will continue to do so.

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