Workshop on X-Ray Diffraction Hosted by Physics and MME Departments at MANIT Bhopal

MANIT Bhopal’s Physics and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME) departments jointly organized a highly informative workshop on X-ray Diffraction (XRD) from [Dates]. The workshop, which attracted a diverse group of participants including researchers, academicians, and students, aimed to deepen understanding and expertise in the application of XRD in material sciences.

Led by distinguished experts in the field, the workshop covered foundational principles of XRD, advanced techniques, and practical demonstrations. Participants engaged in hands-on sessions utilizing state-of-the-art XRD equipment to analyze and interpret various materials’ structures.

Dr. C Sasikumar, coordinator of the workshop, underscored the significance of XRD in unraveling material properties and its role in advancing scientific research. “X-ray diffraction is indispensable for characterizing the atomic and molecular structures of materials, offering critical insights into their behavior and applications,” remarked Dr. Piyush Kumar Patel.

Participants lauded the workshop for its comprehensive approach and practical learning opportunities. “The workshop not only enhanced our theoretical understanding but also equipped us with valuable skills to conduct XRD analyses independently,” said S.B. Prasasd, Junior Technical officer from IIT Delhi.

Encouraged by its positive reception, MANIT Bhopal looks forward to organizing similar interdisciplinary workshops to foster collaborative research and innovation.

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