Work did not start even on the commissioner’s order, waterlogging is a big problem in Bhopal

Kavita Singh Rathore, Bhopal

Recently, Navbharat talked about the issue of waterlogging in many areas of the capital. During this, many such areas were mentioned, where people were troubled by waterlogging.

The Municipal Corporation may make a million claims, but the problem of waterlogging in Bhopal still persists in many colonies. Which should be resolved before the rains. Because, due to waterlogging in the rain, there is a fear of many creatures like snakes and scorpions coming out, as well as there is a danger of road accidents.

Waterlogging is a big problem

Many places in the capital like Ahimsa Vihar, Rajdhani Complex, Putlighar Road, Noormahal Road, Shajahanabad Kachchi Masjid, Idgah Hills, Indira Colony of Katghar area, Govind Nagar, Suraj Nagar, Baldev Puri, Nirupam Palm, Nikhil Bungalow, Sagar Pearl, Sagar Royal Villas, many places around Jatkhedi and 6 colonies including Kaliyasot have the problem of waterlogging. Apart from this, the condition of the road coming from Collectorate and Munshi Husain Lake is also bad due to dirt. The problems faced from these colonies clearly showed the cleanliness system done by the Municipal Corporation and the negligence in the drainage system of the city. However, after this the Commissioner has announced that the waterlogging will be corrected in all these places, but till now no action has been taken on this and neither has anyone visited for the solution. Due to waterlogging in these areas, there is inconvenience in traffic. The potholes on the road are not visible due to water filling. Due to which vehicles get stuck in it. Diseases spread due to dirty water filling in them. Instead of roads, only water is visible. Due to which going out at night can prove to be very dangerous. There is also a constant fear of serious accidents. Thousands of people living in these areas are facing problems every day due to all these problems.

Bhopal is a prosperous city. I go out on the roads here. I did not see water logging anywhere and there is a difference between water logging and water stagnation. At these places there is water stagnation and not water logging. For which there is a proper drainage system. From where water drains out after some time.
– Prem Shankar Shukla,
– PRO Municipal Corporation

Amima Siddiqui, who lives near Shahjahanabad Kachchi Masjid, says that there are many areas around her house where water gets filled. In which mosquitoes and flies start breeding. Dirty water causes 100 types of diseases.
–       Amima Siddiqui,
Resident of Shahjahanabad

Prachi, who lives in Ahimsa Vihar, says that even when light raindrops fall, water accumulates in front of her house. Due to which there is a danger of two-wheelers slipping. Insects crawl into the house. She says that, think for yourself, who would like dirty water in front of the house?
–       Prachi Sen Ahimsa, Bihar

Jai Prakash, who lives near Putlighar Road, says that digging work is done on the road which is left open. After which water also accumulates here. Both garbage and water fill in these pits. The problem increases due to lack of cleanliness.

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